About Us

About us

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Our Values Mission Vision
Fostering social economic and low carbon transformation through action research, inclusive interventions, and business development.
To stimulate change for communities to attain a sustained development.

We are a Pan-African Team and expert network of Orange Knowledge Program Alumni with a wealth of experience driven by the burning desire to catalyse sustainable and attainable change within the Global South.

Our History

The founding team are Orange Knowledge Program (OKP) alumni were brought together in a special professional master class at Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences. The team underwent rigorous training and worked together on various applied class projects and assignments under the mentorship of various experienced trainers and mentors in the Netherlands. The team is representing Central, East and West Africa and is composed of experts from four African countries, Rwanda, Uganda, Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo.  

Upon successful completion of their action research, the team embarked on developing a Pan-African social enterprise with the core mandate of applying acquired knowledge and skills towards the progress and development of mother Africa. 

Commensurate to their shared vision arose the need to support governments, private sector, civil society, development agencies and farmer organization to transition towards low carbon food systems and  development.

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Our Compliance to support you

Gloxpad has a series of corporate compliance policies and hand books that ensure smooth flow of internal procedures that govern our core business processes such as human resources, finance and administration.

Contact us on gloxpad@gloxpad.org for more information on our compliance and support policies.