Sustainable carbon farming and carbon credits business models

Worldwide, there is an increasing demand for food as a result of the increasing world population and due to limiting factors in food production such as land scarcity and high labour cost. As response to high demand of food, the Green revolutions was established to ensure the productivity through the intensification of agricultural production.
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Carbon farming opportunities for cooperatives in Uganda

In April 2020, I was privileged to undertake a research project with Agriterra cooperatives in Uganda as fundamental organisations in smallholder agriculture in developing countries. With the rising and immeasurable effects of climate change in such economies, cooperatives urgently need to compete as more ecologically as compared to their current economic and social targets.
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Carbon Farming in the Global South

When we mention Agriculture Forestry and Other Land Use (AFOLU) sector projects, most of the times we feel the A – Agriculture is fully represented which is not a fact. Through initiatives like the KACP, farmers have been compensated for the carbon farming they adopt on their agricultural lands.
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