Meet the first cohorts from our first Sustainable Food system Fellowship program

Tuyisenge Claudette Agricultural Engineering Rwanda Polytechnic-IPRC Mugisha Benoit Bachelor’s Degree of Agriculture with hons in Soil Sciences University of Rwanda, College of Agriculture and Animal Sciences (CAVM) Isingizwe jean de Dieu Diploma in Agriculture and Food Processing  IPRC MUSANZE Igihozo Aimee Honnette Bachelor Food Biotechnology Food system and sustainability in GLOXPAD Centre for Community Development […]
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Analysing the determining factors of increase in stunting prevalence among children under five years of age: the case of Kayonza district, Rwanda.

Rwanda has improved in many sectors including governance, poverty reduction and overall improvements of living conditions. However, the childhood stunting rates remain among the highest worldwide with 38%. Stunting has the tendency to be an invisible problem in Rwanda, yet it has devastating consequences on child growth and prosperity.
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